Happy New Year 2015 Funny Cute & Best Animated Greetings YouTube

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015 Funny Cute & Best Animated Greetings
Happy New Year 2015 Funny Cute & Best Animated Greetings

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New Year Wishes For Kids

New Year Wishes For Kids

funny happy new year
New Year Wishes For Kids
New Year for Kids
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
New Year Funny
This New Year
New Year Funny

This New Year  This New Year might you be endued with bravery associated confidence to unfold your wings and switch every day into an journey of learning and fun.

This Year might your bond along with your family strengthen and you create new friends and perceive however valuable relationships ar.

This Year my would like for you is to relinquish you wings of imagination that unfold way and wide to create you think that out of the box.

My Year would like for the tykes is that they ne'er let youth get away from their heart – might their heart revel at the straightforward wonders that life gifts North American country.

This yr, dear child, be messy, sticky and silly – for this suggests that you simply ar having a ball as you grow in leaps and bounds every day.

We tend to require as a right a various treasures that life bestow North American country with. This yr, you ought to learn to urge delighted by and be grateful  for life’s straightforward blessings.

This yr my would like for you is to banish all obstacles as you bloom into an attractive soul loaded with virtues.

This yr might your heart invariably glow with the sunshine of hope, have the bravery to follow the trail of truth and possess the sympathy to carry a hand in want.

May the colours of the yr fireworks stock up your next twelve months with heat and color.

May this yr be as vivacious and spirited as you're and convey you a great many opportunities for celebrations and jubilations.

New Year is simply a transition from one a part of our life to a different – let this journey be crammed with the comforts of your home, blessings of your elders, love of your peers and happiness in your heart.

May this yr be as lovable  and cute as you're for a truelove pie such as you deserves all that and far additional.
New Year for Kids

The Marshmallow

Don't Eat The Marshmallow

Don't Eat The Marshmallow

 I keep in mind consumption pizza pie one night as a child whereas functioning at a gasoline station once associate degree previous fussy Mainechanic United Nations agency was passing through the panopticon stopped ahead of me and growled, "How repeatedly do I actually have to inform you that if it style sensible, then do not eat it as a result of it's unhealthy for you!"

Well, in some ways in which previous fussy man United Nations agency was extremely simply making an attempt to be funny had some extent once it involves food. However, i am not attending to raise you to ne'er eat something that style sensible. But, i'm attending to raise you to not eat the candy...

Why the marshmallow? Well, a few years agone some researchers did a study on a gaggle of young youngsters. They told the children that the adults had to go away the area. They conjointly told the children to eat a candy if they wished. However, if the children may manage to attend till the adults came back then the children would get the larger prize of having the ability to eat 2 marshmallows rather than only one.

Well, as you'll be able to imagine, a number of the children did not have the desire power, or emotional intelligence to pass up the moment gratification of 1 candy without delay for the larger prize of 2 marshmallows later. Some instantly dove in. Some waited a bit bit, on the other hand they too passed up the larger prize later for the one candy currently. It took a moment, however eventually, the adults came back from the opposite area that they were concealment in and on the QT observance the children, and gave the few United Nations agency did wait the larger prize of 2 marshmallows.

Now it gets extremely attention-grabbing. The researchers followed up with identical youngsters twenty years later. and also the youngsters that had antecedently passed up the one candy as a bit child for the larger prize of 2 marshmallows scored higher as adults in each class of success and happiness than those youngsters that hadn't waited! Imagine that... Predicting one's future success and happiness from an easy candy check...

Now teens and even tweens, go learn, lead, and lay the thanks to a much better world for all folks. Please have patience and work on your emotional intelligence by delaying instant gratification through self-control and knowing that you are operating toward the larger prize. do not eat the marshmallow! And another time, thanks earlier for all that you simply do, and every one that you simply can do...

Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and professional Daniel Blanchard wan't you to indicate some self-control and expect the larger prized. For a lot of nice tips about success and leadership visit Dan's web site at:kids and teenagers blogs

Gifts of a sea urchin

Gifts of a sea urchin kids and teens

Gifts of a Sand Dollar

Gifts of a Sand Dollar

guess this big apple town lady is currently a nature enthusiast to the extreme! Our recent sea urchin expertise proves it.

Do you keep in mind that renowned story a couple of lady that throws a sea star back to the ocean one at a time on the shoreline? once the lady was told by AN spectator that what she was doing would not matter abundant, she replied "it matters thereto one" and threw another sea star back to the ocean.

Well, I even have a sea urchin story to share. the opposite day we tend to happened upon a trifle island whereas water travel and that we could not believe what percentage live sand greenbacks were within the water and on
the sand, green, fuzzy and thriving. They weren't white and dry such as you get them in a very store. My children we tend tore very inquisitive about them so were we adults, actually. different children were obtaining them out of the water and shipping them home, showing them off to USA, and even providing them to USA. My family enjoyed holding them and looking out at them, then again we'd every throw the sand greenbacks back to the water... to stay on living... and that we left with solely recollections as souvenirs.

Now I wasn't continuously like this. In fact, once I was a young adult, my {folks|people|of USA} took American state to the Bahamas {and we tend to|and that we} had some natives dive down and obtain us some of sea star that we brought back as souvenirs. long ago it sounded like the foremost traditional factor to need to try and do. I still keep in mind the shock on my kids' faces once they 1st would hear concerning my young vacation and therefore the sea star expertise, though. They invariably asked why would I try this as a result of did not it kill the starfish? Boy that created American state feel lousy.

Turns out that they had a awfully sensible purpose. I've learned from life, from my children, i do not apprehend from wherever else specifically however currently I feel identical manner because the children do. I wonder, why DID i need to try and do that?

Oh well, the past is finished. But now, we are able to save the sand greenbacks (and the starfish) one at a time a minimum of.

I guess the opposite day we tend to all simply wished to avoid wasting this tiny little bit of marine life. we tend to cared concerning the miscroscopic guys in nature. I thought, "now what would happen if ALL the people that came here took the sand greenbacks resolute keep as souvenirs? Then we tend to would not have had the special magic we tend to found for very little|a bit|a trifle|to a small degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} whereas along on it little strip of sand and ocean. And my juvenile person would not have same "That was cool, let's return there. I likeable all the sand greenbacks that live there". This straight from the mouth of a celebrated laptop enthusiast UN agency spends the maximum amount time as doable in the course of his computer!

With every passing year I will higher see the importance of protective and attempting to avoid wasting the setting and life. Have I been higher educated? Am I simply additional mature? perhaps. however i feel it's additional as a result of I will see the image higher through the eyes of my youngsters UN agency appear to examine the globe through a special focus and facilitate American state to examine some aspects that i would otherwise miss.

So let's not quit caring for the setting simply because we predict we will not reserve it all or build a giant enough impact. If we tend to every do our tiny half, then we'll be able to facilitate keep nature's magic around for ourselves and for our future generations to be told from and revel in. We'll play a supporting role within the drama of our living setting after we favor to receive and provides... the gifts of a sea urchin.

Using The Simpsons to Enhance Literature at Every Grade Level in High School

Using The Simpsons to Enhance Literature at Every Grade Level in High School kids and teens

 Even though Homer, Marge and their three children have remained the same age as when the series began, "The Simpsons" just had its twentieth birthday. Its television debut happened on Dec 17, 1989, and no one dreamed then what a hit the show would remain for the next two and a half decades.

I began my high school teaching career just few years before Homer and his family appeared for the first time, but I refused to watch the show until it was halfway through its first season. The teenagers I had in class were buzzing about the show, so I assumed it was just a vulgar flash in the pan.


To prove to the adolescents that "The Simpsons" was certainly not destined to be a classic, I decided to watch an episode. As "Homer's Night Out" filled my TV screen, I found myself admiring the show's approach and its original humor.
One year later I was completely hooked on the series, and I have even found it a great educational tool in my Language Arts classroom. Here are ten episodes that can be shown to students to enhance the themes of literature studied in high school classrooms.

"Bart Sells His Soul"
I used this episode from season seven at several different grade levels to complement works about deals with the devil. My juniors read Washington Irving's story "The a Devil and Tom Walker" while my sophomores read Stephen Vincent Benet's play "The Devil and Daniel Webster."
"Lisa the Skeptic"
This classic from season nine can be teamed with The Iliad, when Cassandra questions the acceptance of the Trojan horse. The episode works even better with the short story "A Very Old Man with enormous Wings."
"Homer's Odyssey"
Obviously from the title the plot from this season one gem is a take on some of the events from the blind Greek poet's epic about the Trojan War, a work most freshmen throughout the country are required to study. The Sirens Homer Simpson encounters are the frightening images of his sisters-in-law and, when Circe turns his men into pigs, Homer eats them.
"Das Bus"
The bus from Springfield Elementary crashes in season nine, leaving Bart, Nelson, and all the other kids stranded on an uninhabited island. Although the entire show references the sophomore-level novel Lord of the Flies, the best scene is when the bully boys use Milhouse's glasses to start a fire similar to the one Jack created by Piggy's glasses in the book.
"The War of the Simpsons"
Any literary work about choosing between girls and dreams can be supplemented by this show from season two, where Homer blows off his marriage retreat to catch the legendary fish. It is a perfect fit for the freshman short story "The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant" but I also used it with "Araby" by James Joyce in a Brit Lit senior class.
"Million Dollar Maybe"
Homer wins the lottery but soon after runs into trouble, making this season 21 episode a good companion piece for "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson in junior level American Lit or for "The Pardoner's Tale" when seniors read Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.
"Treehouse of Horror XVI"
In season 17 of the Halloween specials the writers parody "The Most Dangerous Game," required reading for nearly every freshman in the U.S. Mr. Burns is the General Zaroff-like character who hunts his fellow human beings for sport.
"Treehouse of Horror I"
Edgar Allan Poe's Classic poem "The Raven" is recited verbatim by Homer and Bart, whose face appears with the body of the ominous bird in the title.
"At Long Last Leave"
Surprisingly, it took until season 23 before the town finally exiled the Simpsons from Springfield, providing a lighter side of the theme of the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.
"Tales from the Public Domain"
A three segment episode during season 13 features Shakespeare's Hamlet in one of its parodies. Bart, much like the speaker of "To be or not to be," tries to avenge his father's death from the hands of his new stepfather Moe.




Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs

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Cool Gifts for Kids
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 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs Gifts for Kids

 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs Best Toys and Gifts for Kids
 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs Cool Gifts for Kids
 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs Cool Gifts for Kids
 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs Gifts for Kids
 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs Christmas Gifts for Kids - Toys & Games
 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens
 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs
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 Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs CHRISTMAS GIFTS
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Christmas has arrived at kids and teens blogs


6 Ways to Make the Best of a Road Trip Detour

6 Ways to Make the Best of a Road Trip Detour

We were on our way home from the Poconos, and the traffic was worse than usual. I, for one, would rather drive a few miles out of the way and keep moving than sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic. So we took a left and found ourselves in beautiful rolling hills and farmland in northwestern New Jersey. And along the way I saw... an ostrich farm! We backed up to take a better look at hundreds of these enormous birds.
It's not the first time we chose to go off the beaten path. This has recently taken us to waterfalls and historic sites. If you're not on a strict schedule, these unplanned detours can be positive, out-of-the-ordinary adventures.
Of course I understand that these would not be at the top of your kids' list of must-see places. They wouldn't make it onto the list at all; however, there's a lot to be learned (and I don't mean just about the places through which you travel). What can you and your kids get out of a detour?
1) Flexibility - Things don't always go as planned. We all need to exercise those adaptability muscles and go with the flow.

2) Patience - Some will enjoy the detour, others will not. Know that one day you will stumble onto something that interests you, and will bore everyone else to tears.

3) Creativity - We all know how boring a road trip can be. How many of you would push your kids to entertain themselves without any phones or electronics? (Remember the license plate game and counting cars with one headlight? I have to remind myself that that was my childhood, not the world our kids live in!)

4) Curiosity - Our kids have become quite blasé. A detour can have the potential to stir their curiosity about something unexpected or out of the ordinary. The fact is that, in spite of their access to anything they can think of, in some ways their world is shrinking. This can be another chance for you to get them thinking about things outside their world.

5) A good book, anyone? - I remember many drives where I hung a sweater or jacket on the hook, hid under it, and read a book. When was the last time your kids read a book (even on a Kindle)?

6) Sleep - If they really can't stand it, this is the opportunity for a nap! (What I wouldn't give to be able to sleep sitting up.)
Detours can be unpredictable, annoying or interesting, and test everyone's patience. How you make the best of it is up to you. Enjoy those road trips, everyone!
Fern Weis is a Certified Life Coach who learned that caring and good intentions are not enough in parenting. They are often the problem.
Fern helps families of teens and young adults going through difficult situations, including addiction recovery, to let go of guilt, move past their fears, and create a plan for positive change within their family. They help their children become responsible, independent and successful in college and beyond.
When parents' words and behaviors change, everything changes, it's never too late to do this work, and you don't have to it alone.


Old Friends From The Past

Old Friends From The Past kids and teens 

I walk out and stand all-alone in front of 30 tenth grade inner city U.S. History students and ask these teenagers, "What did Thomas Jefferson teach us?"
Nothing but silence followed my request.
"Okay," I say. "What did Teddy Roosevelt teach us?"
Nothing, but silence again and some rolling of the eyes.
Hmm tough class... I think as I am standing all-alone up there in front of a class of disinterested teenagers who are obviously not interested in either me or what I have to say.
"Okay... Well, someone here must know what Franklin Delano Roosevelt taught us, right?" I ask with a little more urgency.
"Ah... Come on mister... These are a bunch of old dead guys," someone yells from the back of the room.
I shake it off and continue. "Well then, how about your friend Hitler? What did he teach you?"
"Hitler!" several students echo!
"Good! I have your attention now!" Next, I rapidly spit out, "Didn't Hitler teach you that no form of HATE should be tolerated? Didn't he show you how bad racism can really be? Didn't he teach you that absolute power absolutely corrupts?"
The students are stunned into obedience as their heads move up and down. The silence of the classroom is deafening under the weight of my unexpected demands. I have them exactly where I want them! Moments like this are the fuel that get us teachers out of bed and in front of a class full of teenagers everyday.
"Class!" I holler leaning toward them.
"Yes Sir!" They obediently answer back under my Hitleresque spell.
"If the unlikable Hitler taught you these things about hate, racism, and the danger of too much power when you weren't even trying to learn, just imagine what Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and a whole cast of others, who are likable, could teach you if you just gave them a chance... " I implore.
I pause for effect and then finally say,..
"Now teens, and even tweens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Look at all the people that have gone before us as old friends from the past that we can learn from rather than a bunch of old dead people. Follow my advice, and you'll find yourself heads and shoulders above your competition. And once again, thanks for all that you do, and all that you will do... CLASS DISMISSED!"

Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Educator Daniel Blanchard wants you to learn from our friends from the past! For more great tips on teen leadership be sure to check out Dan's website at kids and teens blogs

Happy New Year 2015

Happy new year 2015

Your blog KIDS AND TEENS wish you happy new year2015 much 365 days

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Happy New Year 2015

Your blog KIDS AND TEENS wish you happy new year2015 much 365 days