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When Little Ones Grow Alongside Their Brains!

When Little Ones Grow Alongside Their Brains!


What is the best gift you can give your child? Well, it is subjective. For some people it is material possessions, a college fund, and for others it may be a great inheritance.
For us it is the gift of learning. Our son has been growing up so fast, we are capturing every moment and relishing every second.
This brings me to a very important point: As parents we often focus on the physical, because that is what is most apparent. But our children's brains are growing at a rapid rate. The physical development is not the only process that is growing at warp speed, the brain is as well.
It is mind-blowing to picture my little one experiencing the modification of 250,000 neurons during his brain development at certain intervals, per minute. The brain is 80% of its adult size by the time the little one is 2 years old. While all the needed neurons are present at birth, the growth of the brain is a continuous process.
As a result, I will forever stress the urgency of introducing formal schooling as early as possible. For us, it was at conception.
There is nothing more instrumental to a little one than having the ability to learn new things at a young age. There is no better time than during the brain development stage to instill these learning measures. Our little one is very intellectually inquisitive, and we use that to our advantage.
Make it a productive endeavor. So how do we gain productivity from inquisitiveness?
1. See inquisitiveness as curiosity. Encourage new ideas. Believe me, your little ones are not lacking in this area.
2. Turn that curiosity into a learning opportunity. A curious mind will bring about immeasurable knowledge.
3. Turn that learning opportunity into a world of adventure. Explore ideas, put your little one's mind to work, move from passive to active activities.
Do you think that your little one is ever passively taking a bath? If you do, think again. Their little brain is always at work. It's up to you to make sure it is working positively.
They are never too young to introduce early experiences, as this will have an impact on the development of their brain architecture on a whole. Your little one will have a fantastic foundation for learning as they grow.
There are plenty of active things to engage the kiddos; reading is, however, preferable.
This can be achieved through any given task. There are of course different forms of reading, whether your child is reading for fun, or understanding, the brain is at work.
When you sit down to read with your child, while that reading experience is taking place, the child's brain is changing right along with those experiences. And brain connection is taking place.
I am a firm believer in the adage, "If you don't use it, you lose it."
Thus, when connection is taking place, brain cells are being used, and the child is now able to put on their thinking cap. The stronger these synapses become, the more your little ones will use them.
Soon you may have little Einstein on your hands, or on the other hand, you could have Aristotle. Either way, you will have a clear picture of the way your child thinks.
People often ask me whether or not our little one speaks or understand the Jamaican dialect. The answer is no. The reason for this is because he was born here in the United States. While his brain could have developed the Jamaican dialect, those connections were not made, because as parents neither one of us speaks in a dialect, therefore he heard only American English. Thus, that is the only connections his brain made.
So why did I share this story?
Well, your child's learning journey will travel the same path, making use of this very process of connection. And their experiences will be an integral part of this journey.
You have the key to your child's academic future. Unlock it today, by putting their brains to work and keeping it there. For best results, the younger the better.
Parents, food for thought: Recall when you were considering starting a family? Were you not looking for that window of opportunity? When was that window? Ovulation, I'm sure.
You get the point.
For little ones, they too have a window of opportunity, and it is right now. The best time to learn; believe me it is easier too!
Promote literacy and brain power today!
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